Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

In general, how would your best friend forever (BFF) describe you as a risk taker?

You wind up on some strange new game show hosted by Michael Strahan. After the physical challenge, which do you choose?

Three weeks before you leave on your dream vacation, you lose your job. You would

If you had to pick a hashtag for the word 'risk', which of the following comes to mind first?

In terms of experience, how comfortable are you investing in stocks, mutual funds or ETFs?

Back in the day, from September 2008 through November 2008, stocks lost more than 31%. If you owned a stock investment that lost about 31% in 3 months, you would… 

Which would you choose between more job security with a small pay increase and less job security with a big pay increase?

Given the best- and worst-case returns of the four investment choices below, which would you prefer?

Your trusted friend and neighbor, an experienced crypto investor, is putting together a group of investors to fund a new cryptocurrency. The venture could pay back 50 to 100 times the investment if successful. If the crypto is a bust, the entire investment is worthless. Your friend estimates the chance of success is only 20%. If you had the money, how much would you invest? *

How do you usually feel about your major financial decisions after you make them?

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